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  • Music on hold

    Music on hold

    Giving your customers the silent treatments isn’t the best. Play a selected track or even upload your own.

  • Call queues

    Call queues

    Let your customers know their place in the que when taking their call to the correct department.

  • Call forwarding

    Call forwarding

    Never miss a call. Out of office or on the move, forward your calls to another extension or your mobile.

  • Skills-based routing

    Skills-based routing

    Based on the staff members performance and ability, route calls to the “top salesmen” who you know will seal the deal.

  • Audio conferencing

    Audio conferencing

    Arrange audio conferences with internal and external participants - Meetings don’t have to happen in person!

  • On-screen directory

    On-screen directory

    Be organised when viewing your contacts on screen, transfer calls, sort into groups and see who’s online at any given time.

  • Record conversations

    Record conversations

    As part of customer service improvements, legal requirements or abuse prevention you can keep a record of your calls.

  • Virtual receptionists

    Virtual receptionists

    Removing the need of a someone routing your calls, save money and time by asking customers to press a number based on what they need.

  • CRM integration

    CRM integration

    Have more functionality than ever when you link up your CRM system – Never miss out on any customer relationship management.

  • Service messages

    Service messages

    Out of hours you can play callers important information about your business, such as when you open and how else to contact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pick any area in the UK and we’ve got numbers available for it. Just choose your numbers and if you have multiple offices around the country, feel free to pick out the numbers most relevant to you.

Yes, anything that you can do with traditional phone lines you can transfer to your VoIP systems. It just means more ease and better ability to access calls remotely.

Yes, with the VoIP app you can take calls even when you are out-of-office. You can take and transfer calls all within the app and it also comes with some added features. Just make sure you opt in for them during your instant quote application.

In our app, you can make and take calls from your business number whether this be a dedicated business mobile number or a landline number. Your business number will be visible to clients when you call them.

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