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Find out more about what a VoIP phone system is, how it works and why your small business will benefit from it.

VoIP Phones for Small Business

What is VoIP and how does it work?

A VoIP phone system (also known as internet telephony or IP telephony) is a way of making phone calls which doesn’t require a phone line, but instead uses an internet connection.

Business VoIP systems are a lot cheaper than using normal phone rental. It works by taking your analogue voice signals, converting them into digital signals and then sending them across as data over your broadband line.

With VoIP telephony, you aren’t just restricted to using a handset device. With our VoIP phone system app you can take calls anywhere (with an internet connection that is).

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VoIP Service Providers

Get Started With UnifiedComs

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    Create your custom VoIP package

    Pick how many users you need, whether you want to order equipment and add any extra features

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    Select numbers & set-up preference

    Keep an existing number if you prefer, or choose a new one. Set-up is easy but we can help for an additional cost.

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    Make business phone calls instantly

    After receiving your VoIP licence, just plug your telephone in or download the app on your phone - It's that easy!

VoIP Solutions for Small Business

How Do You Get Started With VOIP Business Phone Systems?

With a business VoIP phone service, companies can take advantage of features such as IVR menus, ACD queues, ring groups, voicemail, music on hold, conferencing and more.

  • Answer calls anywhere, on any device
  • Keep a recording of all your discussions
  • Transfer callers to the right department
  • Wait in a queue with custom music
  • Send voicemails to your email inbox
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VOIP phone system for small business UK

Take your business everywhere you go.

Call whoever you want, wherever you want. Order your VoIP system online today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP runs of your internet connection, so if you have a strong connection, you will be fine. The added benefit of VoIP, unlike traditional phone lines, is that if your internet goes down you aren’t stuck without a phone, your VoIP system can run off of cellular data, meaning you have a second safety net to ensure you don’t miss a call

Yes - A fast connection is definitely needed for business VoIP. The bandwidth depends on the number of calls happening.

If you have an analogue device, you can use an adapter, however we recommend businesses to purchase IP phones to use our VoIP network. We offer a range of equipment that is inexpensive and offer more features which landlines do not.

Don’t forget also, you can download the app on your smartphone or tablet devices.

Pick any area in the UK and we’ve got numbers available for it. Just choose your numbers and if you have multiple offices around the country, feel free to pick out the numbers most relevant to you.

Yes, of course you can. Just make sure that you let us know when you fill out the instant quote form and we will ensure that you keep your number.

We can port your existing number, you just need to share the number you wish to be ported, your provider name and then we can begin the process of porting your number into your VoIP devices.

Yes, anything that you can do with traditional phone lines you can transfer to your VoIP systems. It just means more ease and better ability to access calls remotely.

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