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Improving the way businesses communicate

Internet telephony will enhance the way your small business operates.

VoIP Software Vs. Landline Phones

Which is best for your business?

While VoIP software uses a cloud-based solution, landlines use an old-fashioned analogue system that’s transmitted via your local or regional telephone company's copper wiring.

Pros (VoIP)

  • Save money on international calls
  • Amazingly clear long-distance phone calls
  • Easy to set up and configure – Just plug in, download the app & connect to the internet
  • Additional features that grow your business

Cons (Landline)

  • 50-90% more expensive
  • No back up from a power outage
  • Complex setup, ongoing maintenance and IT support
  • Limited and basic features

Telephone Systems for Small Business

The perfect telecoms solution for UK businesses

Transform the way you do business with a cloud telephone system from UnifiedComs.

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Cost-effective pricing model

Unlike our competitors, we don’t make you pay for users if you don’t have them. You’ll only pay for the number of staff members you would like a phone.

From as little as £10 per month

Contract-free direct-debit

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Small Business Phone System

Switching over to VoIP is quick and simple!

  • 1

    Create your custom VoIP package

    Pick how many users you need, whether you want to order equipment and add any extra features

  • 2

    Select numbers & set-up preference

    Keep an existing number if you prefer or choose a new one. Set-up is easy but we can help for an additional cost.

  • 3

    Make business phone calls instantly

    After receiving your VoIP licence, just plug your telephone in or download the app on your phone - It's that easy!

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VoIP Phones for Small Business

Powerful features that deliver value

Change the way you communicate with customers and colleagues with a system that can do everything you want and more!

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UnifiedComs VOIP Features:

  • Answer calls anywhere, on any device
  • Keep a recording of all your discussions
  • Transfer callers to the right department
  • Wait in a queue with custom music
  • Send voicemails to your email inbox

"After the initial trepidation of moving over from BT I can honestly say it's best thing we have done, easy installation, easy operation and great additional features all in all very happy"

John Doe

Penkhill Service Station

Business VoIP

From only £10 per month

From as little as £10 per month, your business can gain a VoIP licence including a free 5,000 minutes.

*per user to UK 01/02/03 numbers & mobile numbers.